Are bad sectors repairable?

by Jane / Mon Dec 18 2017 / UPDATED in Disk Surface Test

This question has to be more specific, like:

  • Are logical bad sectors repairable? Yes
  • Are physical bad sectors repairable? No

You must have known that Windows `chkdsk` command repairs logical bad sectors, this page we'll another method to repair logical bad sectors, the function Check Volume in Partition Expert

Steps of repairing logical bad sectors:

  1. Download Partition Expert, the installation or the portable package, install the program to any drive or just run it directly on the portable edition, click Yes to the UAC dialog
  2. Click on a volume you'd like to repair and click Check Volume (this function is available in the sidebar, right-click menu and the Operations menu)
  3. Check both of the two options in the list:
  4. Fix found errors
    Try to fix found bad sectors

Then click OK to run and Partition Expert will start to check this partition and fix found logical or soft bad sectors, results will be displayed instantly in the checking window.

Well, you can't

I think you mean how to take full advantage of a hard drive with physical bad sectors, right

disk scanner
Disk Scanner

Bad sectors are gathering together in most of the cases, which means, they stay at a certain area on a specific blocks of a disk, like the screen shot we took below (the red docs represents bad sectors) , they would stop to spread if you can isolate them and tell the operating system not to read and write in this block or area. It's hard to locate them with the default error check tool, but it's possible to Partition Expert and Disk Scanner, we'll dig into the details in the next tutorial.

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