Extend Windows Server and SBS 2003

by Jane / Thu Jan 18 2018 / UPDATED in Partition Magic Server

Windows Server 2003 was an old version of Windows System, but still owns a lot of fans in small business companies worldwide. Some users may think it’s out of date due to the limited functions in disk management, but it’s still the most cost-effective Windows Server System if you know how to extend C Drive with third-party partition magic server software. Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition is the one we’re going to introduce.

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Dell Server 2003 often shows low disk space alert on C Drive, since it only provides 12GB of partition space boot volume. Extend C Drive using partition software is the best option for solving C Drive running out space problem. Macrorit Partition Expert Server keeps data intact when resizing system partition. In fact, Partition Expert is capable of managing free space in the different partition, touches no data or system on Dell Server system.

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Extended System partition on Windows Server 2003 VMware can improve performance both in VMware and real machine, because of VMware shares memory and processor with the real one. So when low disk space warning shows in Server 2003 VMware, it’s time to extend system partition and fix this problem, if you ignore this issue, the Server will become slow or even response nothing to every single click, not only to the VMware but also infect the real machine.

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When Server 2003 C Drive running out of space, it’s a bit troublesome to enlarge this volume and solve the low disk space alert problem without partition managing software, since Server 2003 Disk Management isn’t capable of extending volume like it in Server 2008 and later Server system.

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Windows Server 2003 extended support ended on July 14, 2015

But Partition Expert still provide support for our program running on Windows Server 2003