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Used when

  • New disks are connected (USBs, inter or external hard drives)
  • Operations are done on disks or partitions (in Disk Management or diskpart)

Click the Reload button and the 'cat' will start to reload disk map info

Bootable Media

Click this button to open up the create bootable media wizard, which is to run Data Wiper in WinPE from a bootable CD or USB.

This wizard is to create the ISO file, and this link down below shows how to create it and burn it to CD or USB

Check the guide

How to do

In this section, some useful guides are listed:

And introductions on:


More free utilities: this option will link to a page which lists other system utilities

Check for updates

Check if there's a new version

check for update


About this Data Wiper and About us

  • General Information
    • Version
    • License Type
    • License Key
    • OS version
  • About us
  • Update key

check for update

If you get a higher license, you can use the 'Update Key' button to activate it, so you don't have to download the program again


Available on Free Edition and Unregistered Pro and above edition

activate wiper