Wipe Recycle bin

Files in recycle bin can be easily restored and recovered, even after emptied the bin. Wipe recycle bin can permanently wipe everything in recycle bin and make it really clean, really means no data recovery software is able to get anything back in recycle bin, sounds weird, but you get the point

wipe recycle bin

Steps of wiping recycle bin:

  1. Choose Recycle bin in the first section (labeled "1" in UI)
  2. Then choose a wiping plan in section 2
  3. Select files and folders to delete (default to select all items)
  4. Click Wipe Now and click Yes to the warning message

Question: I already emptied my recycle bin, how can I ensure data clean?

Even after empty recycle bin, data content or detail is still in the free space, so we need to wipe free space instead, read on to get details